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Point System 101…

A number of people have expressed interest in knowing how the Club point score system works.

The aim of the club days has and will always be FUN. The competition is there for those that want to get exposure to a surfing competition and ready themselves for open contests and Regional, State and National events. Hey, you may even be good enough for the professional ranks after a few years surfing with CCMB.
The basis for all Club events is ALL SURFERS SURF TWICE, we don’t have a knock out competition like other events. Normally in an open event only 50% of the surfers in a heat will progress, the other half are out and get to watch, free-surf or go home. Club Days are about getting us all in the water at least twice, then adding up the results and seeing who has the best results.

What we do is we use the first round to place the surfers into the 2nd round. So surfers who place 1st surf against all the other surfers who placed 1st, 2nd against 2nd and so on.

The following table represents the placing of surfers based upon thier 1st and 2nd Round results. I have only included the first 13 placings, but you should get the idea.

Additionally, you need to have an even number of A, B and C Grade surfers in each heat. This is very important and unfortunately hard to explain, but I will try. The next diagram may help!!!

The perfect number of A, B and C grades for a 36 surfer Club day is 12 from each division. Again this does not always happen but that is how the system is designed. This means 2 of each grade should be in each of the 6 heats of the first Round. The A graders are expected to fight it out for 1st and 2nd, B Grade for 3rd and 4th and C Grade for 5th and 6th.

The better you place in the first round means the MORE points you will obtain compared to the other “equal” grade surfer in your heat. If a B or C grade surfer is skilled/ lucky enough to win the heat then you will get a HELL more points than other similar grade surfers on the day. Even if a C Grade surfer wins the first round and gets a 6th in the 2nd (against all the other A Graders) then that surfer is rewarded for beating the better surfers in the 1st round.

Again there are complications when you don’t have 12 of each grade turn up and if you have more or less surfers and different ratios of grades.

To compensate for this we try and have as even as possible number of A, B and C grade surfers in each heat each month and the selection of who is in each heat is drawn randomly.

J Fraser

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