Into the 90’s

From Humble Beginnings….

You may recall last year our article and celebration of the clubs humble beginnings in 1985.Then again if you were at the presso maybe you don’t, but there were plenty of old members there to recount our history.

Heading into the 90’s the club is flying. Kevin Carle is the presso with people assisting in anything and everything. Mick Castors Ratpac apparel is on board as a major sponsor, and his passion for surfing and generosity to the club is still going today. It’s a long time making t-shirts, trophies and being on committees. If you wanted a club t-shirt prior to this, the go was to head to Barneys shop with your t-shirt, out came the stencil and ink and hey presto – CLUB SHIRT.

Peter White joins the club and his company Freedom Lifestyle supported the club in 2004/05. The 90’s saw very hotly contested club days, guys sharpening their skills for Regional, State and Australian titles. Dog eat dog in the A grade – and incentives flying everywhere. John Brennan donated prizes for best judge of the year and most improved surfer.

The state titles was a who’s who of CCMB members:

9ft – John Brennan 2nd
8ft – John Brennan 1st, Peter Sharpe 4th
Over 40’s – Danny Bond 1st
Over 50’s – the Peter Pan of surfing Barry McGuigan 1st
Women’s 8ft – Terry Mares 1st

With Mark Butler, Brett Martin and Sojo all qualifying for the Aussie titles –  what a top effort.

1990 saw the hosting of the Aussie titles on the Central Coast, held in solid swell at Avoca and Copa with Peter Sharpe becoming the 8ft Australian Champion.
1990/91 also brings new material to the newsletter – from film reviews (a cracker on the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore) to the excellent Gloat from the outgoing presso and wordsmith Kevin Carle. If you haven’t surfed the box you will after this.

An early Xmas at Box Head – Wednesday, December 12th, 1990,

I’ve scampered out of work at 4:30pm and bolted up the expressway full of anticipation. Reggae Ellis is saying that the SE swell is over 2 metres and the wind is E-NE and all I can think of is the view from Staple’s Lookout.

I arrive (in one piece), grab the binoculars and find the BOX is DOIN’ IT! Looks about 4 feet. Raced home, grabbed the trusty 9 footer and harrass the local drivers all the way to Ettalong, then frantically get ready. Run down to the water, launch into the cool water and begin the epic paddle we all know so well.

About half way out I’m inside Middle Head with beautiful 2-3 feet swells, only one other rider and I can’t resist (again!). So I spin around and take a couple of short rides (100-200m) which are excellent. As I’m paddling out further I meet Snowy on the way in after a 3 hour session. Quick hello and then I’m off for Box Head interspersed with occasional lapses (!) where I can’t wait and take a wave or three.

Still 200-300 metres away from the main attraction and I bob over for a one metre swell to be  confronted with a set of 6-8 feet that appears infinite. Each one is being torn apart by various wavecraft. Hawko is on the fifth wave and tears by so fast he doesn’t even see me. I finally stroke out past the end of the pack and wait for SANTA’S REWARD.

My first couple are about 4-5 feet but the second really shines with two quick tubes on the nose and a ride of about 500-600 metres. Nose rides, cutbacks, lots of hoots,LOVE IT! Legs giving me heaps after that one as I stroke easily past the shorties on the way back out to sea. Crowd not too bad considering, only about 20-30 guys on the main peak but I sit 15 metres further out knowing one will come to pappa.

Suddenly the entire horizon grows and I know I’ve been a good boy this year. Let the first one go to thin the pack and easily slide into a 6-7 ft wave from behind the peak. Only 2 guys drop in but they get off eventually and I continue down the line doing it all again! It’s hard!

The sun has set behind the hills as I head out for my last and quickly I pick up a 5ft wave (no drop ins) and IT GOES “FOREVER”. Fast as can be on the outside and I wail across the wall. Couple of style nose rides here or there and then I decide to start ripping cutbacks. Each one gets deeper and harder and I lose count at about 15. Just when it starts to form up for a tube (now about a metre), a gumby paddling out breaks my line and I bail. Looking out, I’ve gone about a kilometre and reluctantly decide it’s time to quit for the day.

Really the arms are too stuffed anyway, BUT there are still 2-3ft sets powering past so I get 2-3 more with rides about 150-250 metres each time.  I glide across the inside bar on a foamy and surprisingly, paddle strongly over the last 200 metres of outgoing water before hitting the beach.

One more longing look out as I head across the sand, arms so tired I’ve got the board on my head, but I know…

The box is nearly impossible to describe when its working like this except to say it should not be missed at any size!!! Especially on a mal as it has a slow and fast sections, so all kinds of manouvres can be performed over and over and over etc etc. I still get buzzed over a 300 metre noseride, funny eh!

Kevin C. PS:I only write this article to gloat.

Continuing with our club history,

Mick Lowe joins the club in 1991. CCMB enjoys Trena and Micks generosity with the Signmaid sponsorship, which still continues to this day.  Sojo grabs the coveted top position of the presso in 1991, and with excellent organisational skills, and a mastery of delegation still holds the mantle of the only presso not to write a presso report!

Johns’ dedication and generosity to CCMB through his Wave Signature boards and Goodyear sponsorship is still ongoing and much appreciated today.

The Saltwater 6 x 6 was surfed with Mal de Mar winning – followed by the CCMB, Steel City, Woolgoolga, Loggerheads, and Old Bar. A great comp with good surf, fine beer and Panadol and Berocca on toast for breakfast.

1992 and Sojo is still at the helm of the trusty committee.The newsletter is getting huge, everyone’s got a story to tell, club days, John Brennan’s interview with Ray Gleave, and CCMB winning the 6 x 6 challenge.The weekend was a blast and was assisted by quality team bonding, and the assistance of the new Taree woodland herbal appetite enhancer and various test pilots.

Speaking of test pilots – a new board is doing the rounds called the Twinzer,an 8ft speed machine, 21 inches wide, thick diamond tail, bonza bottom, the review on this board started by saying what it can’t do. Can’t make your breakfast, it’s no good as a blanket, and it can’t drive you home after a few ales, everything else is excellent.

1993/94 saw Peter Sharpe step up to the plate as Obi-One – with Sojo as Luke, and many more trusted Jedi on the Committee. They had everything covered – there was even a social and Publicity Director. Membership was dropping – but there were a couple of new faces with current members Geoff Kemp and Brian Reston. The November comp saw a great turnout of Surfers for the Central Coast Open also known as the Ratpac Classic.

Well – there we go a few more years down on the records – I am still chasing plenty of other information as well. If anyone has the inside running from 1995 upwards; any pictures and stories would be greatly appreciated. Or if you remember these times – write something down and pass it onto the editor as it should make for great reading!


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