Hump Month

Just over half way through the year, and we were blessed with some fun conditions, an ocean full of wildlife and some really fun waves, which are reflected in the scores this month.

A big welcome to 2 new members – Lloyd Hunt and Al Phillips. Al is no stranger to the club, but it’s great to have him out in the water with us.

The July 2017 results have been collated. Only 4 more months to go, and we’ll only be publishing these results once more for 2017. There’ve been a few members travelling this year so it’s wide open as of July, at least the Opens and Handicap. The usual suspects / specialists have a strangle hold on the 8 footers and Old Mal, but there’s room for an upset still. There was a real battle unfolding in the 8 footers this month, great to watch!

Remember, that depending on how many comps are run, we’ll count only so many comp results. If we run all 9, then the top 7 comps are counted.

See you all  at the next club  day in August.

Results can be viewed here